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02-16-2012, 12:50 PM
Since we're comparing the Odyssey to the Bortasqu...

Honestly in my opinion, and which would be good sales option, giving the Odyssey+1 auto Saucer sep is bad for business. So, in my opinion, it'll come with:

Ability: Escort deploy
Then the stats etc..

The Saucer Sep will be for the Galaxy-R console that if you equip it to that ship, it will then be able to do that too. Because hey.. then people would, who haven't already, buy the Galaxy-R too just for that Saucer Sep on the Odyssey+1 and, at the same time, they will allow the Galaxy-X Dreadnaught to also use the console, so hey, look, now people will want to buy the Galaxy-X also. Look at that, more profit!

Now then, as far as the Bortasqu, I don't mind the Idea of a deployable BoP. But I do know that if it's going to be like the Vulcan ship.. it'll probobly have to Stop it's movement for the deployable animation. And that is where I have a problem.. Because then it'll make that ship even less wanted since you will have to stop in place, leaving you vulnerable, while the BoP Deploys for a.. what 3 second animation time? Yeah.. No thanks..