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# 9 Intruder Alert - Part 1
02-16-2012, 02:51 PM
Computer. Start Recording.

I must begin by saying that I find this method of record keeping to be inaccurate and clumsy. Relying on words to describe a t’O experience is woefully inefficient. How does the Federation expect me to translate experience, memory, and feeling into a report? I hope the Binars are able to figure out how to integrate Tobarri t’O-interfacing technology with Federation computer systems soon. But, you don’t want to hear about that again.

I don’t know how Sori does it, but he always manages to get into trouble without me. Case in point, it’s only been a week since I took command of my own starship, and what happens to my lifemate? That’s right. He’s gotten himself into quite a bit of trouble.

Something odd happened to Soriedem just a few hours ago. I’ve reviewed the memories over and over again to determine what had occurred, but I don’t fully understand what our t’Os are sharing with one another. As a result, I’ve postponed our current mission and set a course for Deep Space Seven to investigate this for myself.

He was on Deep Space Seven taking on supplies and crewmen for the next leg of his mission to explore the Eridani Belt. He was in the station’s cargo bay explaining to the Bolian quartermaster the proper way to load supplies onto his ship. Sori was rambling again, oblivious to the quartermaster’s body language that his interest had waned. When the Bolian quartermaster finally got a word in edge wise and excused himself, Soriedem was left alone to supervise the crew as they operated the various transporters and loaders.

Sometime later, he heard the shuffle of footsteps from somewhere behind him. When he glanced over his shoulder, he did not notice the humanoid shadow hiding behind one of the cargo containers. He dismissed the sound and turned his attention back towards the activity in the cargo bay.

As the remaining crewmen followed the final cargo loaders into the Tobarrus, Soriedem felt something large and heavy strike him in the back of the head. He blacked out as he fell to the deck plating. However, it wasn’t until his t’O became extremely agitated that I grew concerned. His t’O began to scream flashes of color, noise, and glimpses of pain. I tried to settle it down, but whatever it was experiencing was ongoing. Temporarily, I’ve discouraged my t’O from communicating with his until it had settled down.

I contacted Deep Space Seven demanding to know what had occurred. They reported that Soriedem had been accosted while in the cargo bay. After rendering the attacker unconscious, he hurriedly departed the station. Sori had insisted that their mission could not wait and promised to be checked out by his doctor once they were on their way. The attacker was being taken to sickbay under guard, when he attacked the security officers and stole a shuttle –

The comm channel beeped, interrupting Audria’s concentration. “Yes?”

“We’ve detected a Federation shuttle craft. It’s the same shuttle reportedly stolen from Deep Space Seven,” Commander Mendleton reported.

“Set an intercept course,” I replied. “I’m on my way.”

> - - <

Computer. Resume recording to the previous file.

I’ve read Starfleet reports of this phenomena occurring before, but I never expected to encounter it for myself. It appears that Soriedem had …

Wait a minute. I’m getting ahead of myself. I suppose I should start with the stolen shuttle.

I was on the bridge. We were traveling at high warp when the shuttle came into view. I ordered the helm to drop out of warp within tractor beam range, while my science officer stood ready to latch on to the small craft, and security teams stood ready outside the shuttle bay.

Mendleton spoke up. “Captain, the shuttle diverted its course and is heading straight for us. Their weapons and shields are offline.”

We snagged the shuttle with little effort and pulled it into the shuttle bay. From the bridge, I monitored the situation as the security teams took positions around the shuttle with weapons drawn. Lieutenant Commander Anaar was at the rear hatch with two MACO guards at either side. With a tap, he cracked open the shuttle. Their weapons took aim as the security teams rushed in. Moments later, they exited the craft with a small grey skinned alien with its arms raised over its head in tow.

Anaar turned towards the monitor from which I watched the situation and with a few quick hand gestures indicated that the situation was under control, but the prisoner was asking for me by name. I opened a comm channel and told him that I would meet him in the brig. Before leaving the bridge, I ordered the helm to resume course for Deep Space Seven.