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Originally Posted by VinnikBas View Post
havent bought many c-store ships but im curious about its special console, for the reason that the c-store says it can be put on any ship but other sites ive read it says it cant , just wondering witch way it is along with other c-store ships that say there consoles can be used by any other ship , thanks for any thoughts or replies.
The other sites/sources might be thinking of the Rhode Island's console.
The fact that one (Photonic Displacer) cannot be used on other non-science ships is a bug and one Cryptic has acknowledged. Fix is hopefully incoming soon.
Known Issues:
Currently, the Rhode Island console that grants Photonic Displacement is still only valid for Science class ships.
This is not as intended and will be updated to work on all ships soon.
From Patch Notes Feb. 9th

If it IS the Nadeon Detonator Module from the Bella, it might seen as not working because it only works with Photon Torpedoes. This is a common oversight, but I have been using it on my cruiser, so I know it works.

Not all the consoles can be equipped on all ships. All the Tier 5 ship consoles are locked into certain ships or ship. Examples include Escort Cloak, Saucer Separation, and Ablative Armor. So be sure to read carefully before you make your purchases.
For a quick tier breakdown on what ships fall into what tiers, you can look to Spidermitch's chart: HERE
Anything in the Vice Admiral tier is going to have a console that is restricted.

I've complained since I've been here about the poorly worded descriptions either not being clear enough or too vague. I've been burned a few times and unfortunately there's kind of a "tough luck kid" approach here about that. It's unfortunate as I don't think it helps their image, but that's the order of the recent days.