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So, im totally one of those people who like to have a fleet of little shuttles floating around behind me. I even go so far as to take with each toon, only shuttles appropriate for the ship that they fly. I was super happy to see a new shuttle pet that I will be shortly adding to my little fleet, however, with the new driver coil skill, and with all the fancy new engines we have available, the shuttle pets are not able to keep up with my ship They also do not follow me through slip stream Is there any way that their speed could be adjusted so that they just match the speed of the ship that they are following?

Also, I think it would be super neat to have a "shuttle bay" section in my inventory, so that I could slot my shuttles in my "shuttle bay" that I want to have follow me around. And while im being greedy and wishing for fun things, it would be even MORE awesome if there were an option on the shuttle bay inventory screen somewhere to have my shuttles auto launch when in in sector space...