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# 1 "Uncharted" is live
02-16-2012, 05:12 PM
Hello STO Community,

Just a thread to say that "Uncharted" my (technically) second Foundry mission has been published and is available for play now. I will post information (ID, description, etc.) later, but for now, I have created this thread to hold its place. I look forward to any and all reviews!

TITLE: Uncharted
LEVEL: 41+
LOCATION: Imaga system, Sirius Sector Block
LENGTH: 25-50 minutes
TAGS: None
DESCRIPTION: In 2381, Starleet Intelligence detected a massive interstellar explosion approximately 140,000 light years away, far outside the Milky Way. For 30 years, we were without a way to investigate, until now...

There we are. Though I am relatively new to the Foundry, feel free to be hard on me.