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02-16-2012, 07:32 PM
I don't use Heavies at all. Just the Quads, and 2 regular Duals, plus a Q Torp. I have an effective BOFF Layout, including the Ensign tactical.

I'm just switching out my GW for Repulsors, since those damnable spheres ignore GW anyway, on Elite.

Originally Posted by jdb2008 View Post
Something else they could do, maybe, is make more interesting, useful Space Tactical Ensign skills like ...I dunno, Turrets: Fire at Will/Target Subsystems/Overload maybe??

It's almost like they're suggesting we put beams on this ship. How do I say this ...hell no. Heavy Cannons and Turrets go on an Escort.
And if you didn't know, Rapid Fire, and Scatter Volley both work with turrets, so there's no need for a turret exclusive power.