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02-16-2012, 10:35 PM
Well most of the time, I'm flying my Defiant retrofit cause it owns.

But when Im in the mood for cruiser play, I use either the Sovvy or Galaxy X. I like the Sovvy in general due to its better agility and still packs a punch. However when I want to tank and fly around in a Galaxy, I use the Galaxy X. With nearly the same weapon set-up as the Sov it performs similar in overall DPS. However the Galaxy X has a bit more initial burst damage when using the Cloak bonus and the Lance phaser. The Galaxy's (all of them) still turns like the Titanic though...even when using the +35% turn rate console. The both have pros and cons over each other...but both are very much useable depending on what your wanting to do at the time. But I play both and have fun playing in either one.