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Just switched from tier 4 defiant to fleet escort due to better stats tho i duno if i will keep this long as i like the defiant model myself which i am still waiting for cstore sale for the defiant retrofit i hope is coming soon.

Anyhow with the defiant and now the fleet escort, im using 3 DHC tetyrons and a Quantum. With 3 tet turrets in the back.

I like to strip shields down with em but wondering if im really doing a good shield strip or not.

You reckon keep em or maybe move to antiprotons as ppl seem to like em tho not sure why as they just have a crit severity bonus dont they which doesnt do much i think or at least never really noticed before. Tho they do look cool all red and all.

Just i never really see tetryons in STFs so i thought id be a bit diff and keep em and be a shield stripper but like i said am i really being any good with em and am i really stripping shields or is the damage just lowering them really quickly due to the setup and rapid cannon powers etc.

I have 8 mark XI token things to spend at ds9 store for some XI goodies but wondering if its worth changing from tets to somit else or not, which i thought antiprotons due to popularity of em.