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02-16-2012, 10:26 PM
Originally Posted by Ragnorok21
Build Use Summary: The Dragon Flagship Build is designed to be an anchor for the fleet action. The build is designed for it's Captain to be able to lead the charge straight into the heart of the battle and then act as an anchor for the entire match. Your able to tank incredible amounts of damage, while healing yourself or your allies. All the while, dishing out extensive amounts damage to either crush any opponent that dares challenge you, or help destroy your allies targets.
This is a Kirk, not an anchor. An anchor has Extend Shields. Usually 2 copies. You found room for EP2S3 x2 and RSP but not a single copy of Extend Shields. 3 of your 4 team heals are aux dependent but you're talking running a 51 aux, so no, you won't be healing your allies at "anchor" level.

I was sure this was for PvE, but then you said "for the entire match." This is not a PvP build. EP2S3 chaining means you will be ignored for a softer target, but no Extend Shields means you'll just be sitting by watching them get blown up while FAW is on cooldown. No science team means you will be begging for one from your team when sub-nuc'd.

Originally Posted by Ragnorok21
If you have any questions or wish to thank me personally, always feel free to contact me in game. My name is Dragon@Ragnorok21
lol. Yeah thanks, snoozefest Kirk beamboat.