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02-17-2012, 01:39 AM
Originally Posted by aashenfox
Leave the shield stripping to those sci vessels
Bah, as a Sci captain, I'll declare outright that damage is king. Who cares if a Tachyon Beam III strips 4000 shields per facing every 30s? A round off my weapons at 100 power does the same in less than 4 seconds and you want to bore through a single facing ASAP. Against a very resistant shield, yeah that Tachyon Beam may do more but that doesn't happen in STFs.

Originally Posted by AJ_McRich
It's not a listed option, but usually I use the plasma weapons: they are truly efficient against the hull!
I was under the impression that the DoT effects don't stack. If that's the case, the high RoF of a cannon escort is going to overwrite the procs. Better off with increasing crit and getting damage that is good all round and doesn't care how fast it's coming.