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02-17-2012, 02:04 AM
Originally Posted by dudeoftrek View Post
I'm an engineer captain looking for a good dps build for my oddy. I know oddy is not built for dps but I want the best I can get. Any suggestions? I used to run 6 phaser beam arrays and 2 quantums but recently have been trying some antiproton. So all beams no torps? Tricos any good? What energy type and why? Help guys!
Antiprotons, particularly for beam boats. The reason for this is that beams don't fire often enough to really take advantage of most energy weapon procs due to the low percentage chance, whereas the extra crit damage and crit chance of Antiprotons is always on.

Tricobalts are really good, but need to be fired at point blank as they are so easily destroyed. Properly talented, and used against an unshielded flank, they are capable of one-shotting almost anything but a boss in pve. I am a big tricobalt user, but the recharge time is really frustrating, especially if they get destroyed cos you fired them too early. Due to the lack of Tactical Boff slots (making it rarely worthwhile to run High Yield or Spread, which are generally better for non tricobalt warheads), I would be more tempted to run a single tricobalt torp on a cruiser, as you won't often have the enemy in your forward firing arc (if you are 'doing it right') but when you do, you'll get a nice bit of damage. When I get around to outfitting my Oddy, I'll be running AP BAs all round, with one tric on the front, probably.