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02-17-2012, 03:28 AM
Originally Posted by AJ_McRich
Maybe I am wrong, but if I remember well there is a DoT stack between plasma light weapons (array and cannons) and plasma torpedoes.
I believe you are right (and even that the DoT from a Beam will stack with the DoT from a Cannon AND the DoT from a Torp) but even given that, due to the sheer number of particle shots fired by dual heavies, you are going to get more purchase from just about any other energy type, I'm sure of it. If you had a beam boat with a plasma turret, a plasma BA and a Plasma torp, I'd say that could be quite effective, but on an escort with two or more cannons up front, you are wasting potential procs (like subsystem disables from Phasers). Furthermore, I think the proc from cannons never gets rolling if you are constantly firing (though I admit, this is pure speculation). My reason for this belief is that the DoT starts ticking at the first second, not second 0 (the time of impact), therefore, the shots hit the enemy so fast, that the DoT doesn't start ticking until the break between volleys, when it is immediately overwritten again at the start of the next volley, effectively pausing the DoT each time you attack. You can easily prove me right or wrong with a look in the combat log, I'm not going to go get a load of plasmas just to test this, but would be nterested in what you notice from the behaviour in the log.