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02-17-2012, 04:18 AM
That looks like a graphics card about to die. The memory i think it would be on the gfx card is failing which is usually a good indicator due to the spikes you see in the gfx.

That or the game is working your gfx card so hard it is overheating so much that it is causing artifacts like the above tho i still say its a failing card but try cooling the case by taking the side of the case of and see if that helps a little.

Sorry i havent read all your posts i just watched the utube vid then went to comment.

Edit - Hmm a lappy. Does any other demanding game act like this at all, or just sto. I would still probably call this some sort of hardware issue but best attempt to fix it would be possibly trying to clean your drivers with driver sweeper or something when uninstalling and installing fresh drivers, that and maybe do some memory tests with memtest x86 (google it) and see if that shows any memory issues. And maybe keep an eye on your temperatures for your pc and gfx card like coreftp for cpu temps and ati afterburner or something to test temps of the gfx while playing.

Maybe some sort of corruption with the game, uninstall the game and fresh download. Tho i highly doubt it. (you could use varify files with steam to check all the files are properly installed tho)

But in my experiance the spikes shown in the utube vid are usually caused by hardware issues so best of luck finding the problem and fixing it which if it is a hardware problem then gluck cos of it being a lappy.

Edit 2 - Hmm just this game your having issues with and just with last patch or so. Well todays just had a small patch it may have helped i doubt it but there it is. When you said you started sto and it got really hot really quick which could be the inital cause and has maybe damaged something on your hardware and since sto for me is the only game which really pushes my gfx card and causes the temps to go high then for a lappy that cant be good so even tho other games are fine they probs dont push it like sto does, for me even crysis never did this or bf3.

Anyhow i do wonder if cryptic will reply as this probably should have been posted in the pc tech help section not the gfx problem section as thats for things like gfx bugs for everyone kinda thing, the pc tech section would deal with your issue better i think. You could try waiting or you could try emailing cryptic directly or send in a ingame ticket or maybe u can write one here i dunno. Might be faster way to get help.