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02-17-2012, 10:56 AM
Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
You have two types of content. Mission content (FE, pvp, patrol, events) and the largely cosmetic (ships, costumes, consoles)

for the vast majority of players having access to the missions which is the bulk of the game for free, and giving them the option to buy the cosmetic stuff which is not needed, is the best option.

if i want i can never spend another penny in this game. all i have to do is not buy the cosmetic stuff. i can still enjoy the game and all the new missions. if it was the other way round i would have no choice but to spend money to keep enjoying the game.

the way it is now is far better in my opinion.
Hmmmmmm, yeah. So long as they don't start putting Starfleet/KDF ships in the lockboxes I'm ok, keep it ot rare non faction ships.

Another point ot add, think of the competition. This is something other games do but you get a alrge-ish pack for much less than the equivelent of 2000cp, you'd have to be mad to try and sell 1 episode for that much.