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For some strange reason my girlfriend cannot log-into the game on her account after I've been playing. If I've been playing the game and then log-out to the main screen (one with the username + password box) she enters her details, chooses PWE account and hits log-in. The game then tells her that the username and/or password is wrong and returns her to the main screen. The thing is, It isn't wrong though, we've both checked, double-checked and triple-checked and we're 100% certain that we're entering the correct details.

The strange thing is, if I quit the game and restart it she can log-in in just fine.

Also, I don't know why, but she can't post on these forums either. It says she doesn't have the right permissions to create or reply to a thread on here. She can log in fine, as it shows her name up there in the top-right, but whenever she tries to do something it says her account doesn't have enough privileges.