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02-17-2012, 11:31 AM
Let me see If I can clear that up for you:

1: Ship BO slots: This is the total amount of bridge officers that ship supports, split into the 3 professions you mention. Theese are also known as "Stations". They are Ship-Only, and are independent of your captain (your char).

2: Assignment slots (Stations): Theese are the current BO's assigned to you. Based on rank and Subscription type you have a limited possible default stations you can fill (I belive the max number for a silver player is 5).
The number of stations you can have, as I said, is based on your rank. That number is tied to your Char, independend of ship and can be filled by any combination you wish.

Now, sometimes you will fill your Stations up, and you will need to either advance through ranks, or buy more slots from the C-Store. Not sure what the upper limit is though.

Now you have to fill your stations with officers that either match your ship type, or accept that you can not use all your BO's on the ship you've selected, unless you aquire new slots to allow for switching between ship types.

Hope this helps.