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02-17-2012, 10:32 AM
If you are a Silver member each character is allowed to have a maximum of 6 BOFFs (Bridge Officers) - the number increases from 4 to 6 as the character advances in Rank.

All ships require 3 to 5 BOFFs to utilize them fully. Depending on the ship type the BOFFs can each use between 1 and 4 abilities each. A Tactical ship, like an Escort, has more slots for Tactical BOFF abilities to be used. An Engineering ship, like a Cruiser, has more slots for Engineering BOFFs to use, and the same for Science ships and Science BOFFs.

The Captain's abilities have nothing to do with the abilities of the ship or the BOFFs. They are separate from the ship-type entirely. As a Tactical Captain increases in Rank he gets more Tactical abilities he can use on whatever type of ship he Captains - and it is the same for Engineering and Science Captains. The BOFFs have nothing to do with the abilities the Captain Class has.

If you have too many of one type of BOFF you might need to dismiss some of them to gain another type of BOFF. So, for example, if you have 4 Engineering BOFFs but your ship requires 2 Tactical, 1 Engineering, and 1 Science, then you need to delete some of the Engineering and gain a Tactical and Science.

Does that help?