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Originally Posted by PWE_BranFlakes
Today we start the four-week run of the first Foundry Challenge: Conundrum on Risa
Kudos to Perfect World/Cryptic for reaching out to the STO Foundry community at large. This is a good idea to spur STO Foundry development work.

BUT I'll make the following recommendation, which I hope H2orat (Perfect World/Cryptic’s Video Department lead/STO Foundry evaluator) is able to read, even address.

To make Foundry Challenges more dynamic, more engaging, why not offer more objects, characters, etc. into the Foundry IDE toolset? (IDE = Integrated Development (or Design) Environment)

Furthermore, include a list of the new items during the challenge announcement.

Personally speaking, while I have hopes for future STO Foundry updates, I'm at wit's end with the current limitations of the IDE. Adding some additional materials to the Foundry would be VERY welcomed! Plus, you can measure the metrics of which new objects, characters, settings, etc. seem to be the most desired/used. (Then continue to implement more new items into the future Foundry updates!)