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02-17-2012, 02:44 PM
For an assault cruiser, you will be limited to the Lt skills of tac and science BOs. Which means you won't be able to use any rank 3 tac or sci abilities. If you go with Oddysey, the universal LtCmdr station opens up some more possibilities for you. That said, I would personally...
  • replace 1 fore torpedo launcher with a beam array. As a cruiser, you will mostly be broadsiding anyway. No need for more than 1 torp launcher up front.
  • Replace target engines with target shields. Target shields is more useful IMO.
  • Replace mask energy signature with something else. It's pretty useless. I'd go with Hazard emitters.
  • If you want more damage, I would add 2 copies of emergency power to weapons. Perhaps replacing engineering team.
  • For your consoles, I would go with 2 phaser relays for tac. Replace 1 of your armors with Neutronium armor, and plan for Assimilated Module when you hit RA to go in your 4th eng console slot. You will want a Field Generator (mark XI) for one of your sci console slots.