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02-17-2012, 02:52 PM
Imporved over the original design a bit:

Demon Planet Adventure Edition
Starfleet, Any Level
Starting Location: Pico system, Sirius sector block
Duration: ? mins
Style: Hardcore Adventure, Single player

A space combat exercise in the Castor system near the Pico system turns into a hunt of a different kind.
It is up to you to solve the mystery before it is too late!

I made the whole mission 100% trigger driven. This means branching freedom and optionals all over. The plot execution order is also up to you. The debriefing reflects every action you took. If you mess up the mission, the admiral will not be too happy at the end.
Added an inventory for the mission specific items, too.

I haven't tested all the possible branches (there are many) so you may find errors here end there. Let me know them so I can fix them.

I don't think I can remaster the classic mission any better.