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02-17-2012, 04:04 PM
I have a couple of programs that I can open to monitor my system resources (such as Everest), and even when the game was running my laptop "really hot" I was still within the safety thresholds. SecondLife runs my laptop hotter and faster than STO can and I'm perfectly fine with SL, so this is a STO-centric issue.

I've installed two more virus scan softwares and intend on doing a few more thorough sweeps to help ensure it isn't a third party issue, and I keep up to date with my registry maintenance so I'm fairly certain it isn't an issue there.

I have a strong feeling that the problem is more than likely corrupted data related to my installation, but even when I uninstall and reinstall (as I have done a few times, including verifying files both via Steam and via the launcher) it doesn't go away. Therefore I believe the issue might lie in residual, hidden, or otherwise untouched data during uninstallation. If that is the case then I need to find that data and purge it from my system before reinstalling next.

If that isn't the issue then it's as simple as Cryptic borked something up trying to solve a different problem. I realize that not everyone is experiencing these problems, but I don't believe I'm alone with it.

The first step I need is for someone at Cryptic to give me a starting point to do a full debug. I posted in this forum because it's only related to my overworld graphics. No other part of the game is altered; I believe it is in particular related to the shadow and ambiance effects not rendering correctly.