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02-17-2012, 04:08 PM
Originally Posted by Cosmic_One View Post
I don't think it's a bug. I've seen BranFlakes reply to several threads such as this stating all the people claiming to have not gotten them in the thread did. I think it's more of an issue with people converting Dilithium/CPs, spending Dilithium/CPs, and not really paying attention to the totals. It's quite easy to forget something 3-4 weeks gone by.

I also believe one of the Devs said something about them looking into some type of notification system - possibly some type of email when they are applied to your account.
Hmm, I'd ask you to link it but, I'll take your word for it. They really really should start with a transaction history and move from that point, this is the only MMO company that I've dealt with that doesn't do so, and it really bugs me.