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02-18-2012, 12:53 AM
Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
not really. Vulcan and earth alone have over 6 billion each at least. divide but by 300 million and you already have 40 planets covered by that 300 million range, if we are working out the average.

when you consider other planets that will most likely have huge pops like trill, tella, batazed i think a 300 million average is on the low end of the scale.
Earth today is hovering around 6.4 Billion. Even assuming massive losses to the Eugenics Wars, WWIII, the Earth-Romulan War, Colonization/Emigration, the Xindi attack, the (first) Cardassian War, the Dominion War, various encounters with the Borg and failed colonies like Tarsus IV, and more responsible reproductive habits, we're still probably in the 4-5 Billion range around STOs timeline.

I'd be willing to bet with the Pon Far cycle and highly logical society, however, that Vulcan would maybe be around half that. But Betazed? Twice that.

EDIT: Oh, and Delta IV? We don't even want to know.