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Originally Posted by Katic View Post
Well, taking into account Picards statement in First Contact that the Federation is spread across 8,000 Light Years with "over 150" member planets, as well as the assertion that there are over 1,000 semi-autonomous colonies within the Federation..

Population statistics in Trek are rather hard to come by, but, according to the Brain Trust that Bashir tried to cure, genetically modified genius' with severe emotional problems all, estimated that the Federation would take 900 Million casualties to the Dominion (in losing).

Now, if we take these numbers as being considered catastrophic for the Federations Population, then we can probably estimate that 900 Million casualties would be the entire populations of several planets. Lets assume 300 Million per planet in the Federation, some more, some less, but averaging about 300 Million.

At 150+ Planets, at ~300 Million people per, that's somewhere on the order of 45 Trillion Federation citizens on member worlds, plus more than a Thousand Colonies (which may have populations numbering anywhere from a few thousand to a few million).

Now, assuming ~2% of those populations join Starfleet in some capacity, That's 900 Million members of Starfleet (or, all the casualties projected by the Brain Trust). Now, assuming 3/5 of those members of Starfleet are not on ships, but running Starbases, Drydocks, Shipyards, Clerical Functions, Public Relations and Diplomatic personnel, that's 360 Million members of Starfleet in ships.

With Crews numbering from 1500 (Odyssey) to 35 (Defiant) that's somewhere between 240 Thousand and 10 Million + ships.

These numbers are all very loose of course and my estimates could be way off, but still..
I think you're on the right track but some of your numbers are off. Shouldn't the total population be just 45 billion if there is 150 member worlds with 300 million people each?

I also had a quick look for info on the US navy, as thats what Starfleet is based on. It currently has 285 "Deployable Battle Force Ships". Since the US conveniently has a population of ~300 million, which nicely matches your estimate which I think is pretty fair, Starfleet would have over 42,000 ships if they want to keep the same ratio of ships : people. Though this doesnt take into account the fact that those are "battle ships", and Starfleet is mostly science/exploration, or that it can be argued that the US navy is way oversized, or that other US military services might have their own ships

There's also about 1.5 mill active members of the US military, which is only 0.5% of the total pop of the US, which is less than your estimate of 2%, but again as Starfleet is mostly science/exploration, they could get a much higher percentage of people joining as I'm sure there aren't that many people interested in the sciences/exploring joining the armed forces.