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02-18-2012, 02:32 AM
Starfleet is not based on war and not all starships can be grown on trees like the KDF, KDF ships are based on the basics and nothing more, prefeb units put together and tested then launched, with the feds, its all constructed from many pieces over a period of time. there was an estimated rebuilding time right at the end of the DS9 arc that mentioned that the feds would be back on their feet in about 2 decades, but the klingons would of taken longer and the romulans even longer because of the amount ship ships lost on the overall compared to the relative strength of each empire and how they conduted themselves.

the federation as i mentioned are not warmongers, they are diplomats, engineers and scientists, they are famed throughout the quadrant for being technically able by Dukat and Keevan, meaning they have the versatiliy to over come a problem and fix it better then the klingons and romulans.

the Klingons take longer most probably because of the sheer amount of ships lost and destroyed, they use strength in numbers to attack in order to survive better, but based on the fact the dominion were specifically going after klingon ships rather then starfleet in a fight, it seems more likely 2x more ships were destroyed then starfleet had.

the Romulans are not built on brute strength, they work in the shadows which lends to the idea they dont have anywhere near the strength the feds or KDF have in sheer numbers alone meaning it would take them just as long to rebuild because of this fact.

with all that written, because of this timeline and starfleet knew there was a war coming because of the diplomatic breakdown during the gorn homeworld invasion, i think starfleet ramped up starship production as they no longer have the ally they once had in the Klingons, if anything because of this strain and that of the 8472 incursion then the war, starfleet spent everything they had and the KDF in sheer numbers battered starfleet on the head, by now they may of had too many ship then they did officers which led to that dual citizenship thing.