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02-18-2012, 04:37 AM
Originally Posted by Starboard_Nacelle View Post
What's your auxiliary power level? The science heals and damage resistance scale off of that, so Hazard Emitters might not be giving you adequate protection against incoming fire.

Personally, I've always said the Odyssey is a Science Cruiser through and through. Perhaps you'd be better served by raising your auxiliary power, and switching your Lieutenant Commander to a Science Officer with Transfer Shield Strength and Polarize Hull for better damage management when Hazard Emitters is on cool down.

Elementary mistake Watson (on my behalf that is). Aux power is at minimum.
Strip out the forward arrays for beam banks, that way there's only going to be 3-4 beams firing off the reduced power.

Not sure what to put in slot #4 front though, as I have a photon mine in the rear #4 slot. I guess the logical choice is a torp.


BTW: I thought transfer shield strength was an ally only, not your self?