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02-18-2012, 04:53 AM

Aux power is your friend with this ship ;-)

Not a chance for me normal ship setup:

LT.cmdr universal - Tac team 1, fire at will 2, attack Patten omega.
Lt tac - beam overload 1, high yield 2
Cmdr Eng - engineering team 1, aux to dampners 1, emergency to shields 3. Aux to SIF 3
Lt science - hazard emmiters 1, Transfer shield strength 2
Ensign science - polorize the hull 1

Using borg console, deflector, engines and aegis shield array.

I am an engineering VA and not heavily skilled in tanking as i spected my toon to embrace the multirole style of cruises. Depending. On mission the LT.cmdr universal can be swapped for a science, engineering or different Tac setup.

Examples are:

Science - science team 1, hazzard emitters 2, transfer shield strength 3
Science - science team 1, tractor beam 2, gravity well 1

She can fit most situations despite a lot of moans and groans I see from certain groups these days.

Its taking me a little while to find her charms but this little old girl can defend her pride when needed ;-)