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# 1 Support Tickets vanishing?
02-18-2012, 05:51 AM
I've not been able to log in and play for almost a week now and both of the support tickets I've submitted have vanished after I recieved the automatic emails acknowledging the fact I'd sent in a ticket. Is this normal? When will I actually get a response and be able to play again?

In case anyone has any ideas about how to fix the issue, the problem I'm having is this:
When I click 'Play' after selecting the character, I get the popup box with the warning message 'An error occurred while transferring this character [to] its destination map.' and gives me the option of a Normal login or Safe login. I've tried both options multiple times and every single time it starts to load and then I get the little red warning text counting the seconds with a message about the Server not responding, then it aborts with a 'Timed out connecting to GameServer' error. Immediately after that it kicks me back into the account login page with the error 'Timed out connecting to GameServer'.