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# 2 Hmmm
02-18-2012, 06:59 AM
That's a tough one. I've never used all single beam arrays on an escort, it would seem to be an poor use of the escort's maneuverability. On paper the DHC and DBB do more damage than a single beam array, and the power drain is really no worse even for the DHC since they don't fire all the time. If it's not a firing arc issue (it's easy to accidentally get out of arc for the DHC) then it could be something going on with that particular weapon or weapons.

I typically use DBB and DHCs front with sometimes a torp added, but often not. In the rear I use 2 turrets and a single beam so beam skills will work from the rear or side too. But I use purple mk xi gear and it works really well. I've thought about equipping the special mission weapons on a ship to see how it goes though.

Anyone have some numbers on this? Things can go for a long time bugged when it's something not typically used like single beams on an escort.

EDIT: of course all your beam arrays are mk xi and some weapons on the other example are mk x. It would be better if everything you tested were mk xi.