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02-18-2012, 09:18 AM
Originally Posted by Destinii
In the shows, if people are in their quarters, the doors don't automatically open. If the captain is in their ready rooms, the doors didn't open automatically, but had to be opened by the Captain (usually via a voice command, granted).

However, I can see leaving the automatic doors in. That's fine. But can someone look at the pathing of the NPCs so they don't walk near the trigger points for certain doors? I know it's possible to set up pathing waypoints because it was mentioned in other threads by Devs in the past. Nothing breaks immersion when you're having a meeting than having the door open Every. Five. Damn. Seconds.
If ANYTHING is done in terms of pathing waypoints, the first candidate for the list absolutely HAS to be for the BOffs on "Cage of Fire". The door thing is minor. BOffs running clear back to the start of the mission rather than moving 3 feet forward, and having to increment forward movement for them individually in 3 foot increments, is HUGE, and has been. It's sad that it's still in the game after two years.

I'd be all in favor of boycotting all Cstore content potentially, until that issue is fixed, if I thought anyone else would actually follow it. That is a HUGE issue with a MAJOR plotline finale.