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02-18-2012, 08:24 AM
Well I rolled a Nausicaan engineer, and much to my suprise started at comander. I jumped straight into a K'tinga, and here's what I did. As there was a thread on this, I thought I may as well report back with some up to date experience of the K'tinga.

4 DHC, 2 turret.

Tac Lt: TT1, CRF1
Eng Lt Cmdr: EPTS1, RSP1, Aux2ID2 (the order's optional here, I just went with what involved less training.)
Eng Ens: EPTS1
Sci Lt: ST1, HE2

I'm goign to try and aquire two rare Mk VI RCS Accelerators for the build, I was also saddened to see that I can't put the Breen set on it anymore, which'd make it very effective.

With this set up, I was chased from spawn in Ker'rat by a fedball that failed to stop me (jack your engine power up, hit evasive and aux2id), most gave up, but three cruisers followed, it was tanky enough to outheal their damage long enough to kill all of them. It's also tanky enough with an engineer captain that you can save your science powers for team mates.

I also found in Arenas I was putting out more damage than the rest of the team put together, or the enemy team on a couple of occasions. The firepower on tap is obscene. However, there are drawbacks. Tractor beams and warp plasma can ruin your day if you're not careful. It can still be slow being brought to bear, two turrets are your only means of damage out of that 45 degree arc, but the punch it packs when it does is worth it. Also, straight line speed isn't an issue, if somebody's getting away, you're both likely to have evasive, but you'll have Aux2ID as well.

I'm hoping to add deterium burn and the subspace field modulator to this build, the tankyness and potential for emergency manouver will be increased.