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02-18-2012, 08:32 AM
I altered my BOFF layout earlier and tweaked some power settings. The result was allot better.

I know have a Transfer Shield strength II, two Hazard emitters, Two science teams, Emergency power to shields II and feedback pulse II.

However it lacked any flavour. I'm wondering If I should grab gravity well II, and full respec into that, OR just say bugger it, and grab a Nebula (trouble is my Sci Cpt is already flying one of those).

I also altered my Eng consoles to get 35% (4x armour consoles) resist against everything. But I'm wondering I f I could ditch those for more power consoles, or even more useful consoles?
Looking at the Power readout it seems that its a bit weak.

I wonder if I could set it up with more shield toys to prevent the damage getting through to the hull?

What am I after with the build? Something that works in PVE either solo or part of a team. For that I guess it needs a level of survivability and at least one "Screw you hippie!" button/combo.

On my (Other) Cruiser, its full broadsides that cause devastation (lots of power management). With a combo of hull and shield tanking.
On my nebula its Shields all shields, with some crafty debuffs (2x Tac team and Attack patten Beta, meaning I always have those running).

Thanks for the ideas so far.