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02-18-2012, 09:55 AM
I run this cruiser 'cause I wasn't confident in my ability to successfully pilot a BoP intelligently in STF or PvP. Great ships, no doubt at all, but I tried to go with what I felt were my own strengths.

I do many similar things with mine (being able to chain EPtS, TT; use of rapid fire, love of DEM), but I may have one or two comments.

I wonder if RSP3 is necessary. With the two tactical teams being mostly chainable (moreso with a doff), I find RSP to be an easy way to more or less take damage and turn it into a shield recharge. TT can then shunt that energy to other faces if needed. The EPtS skills also make me feel higher levels of RSP are not really helping. Moving it down to RSP1 may open up more options for you with the Commander and/or Lt. Commander level skills -- perhaps an Eject Warp Plasma, for example, for crowd control and snares.

While I won't argue that a BoP or even a fed escort can turn corners on us easily, I don't run two Aux2ID. I don't see myself trying to bank that hard often enough to need a second for when the first is still recharging -- Alpha helps with that, as well, as a tac officer, and the innate turn rate boosted by a console is definitely more than enough in PvE and, so far though my experience is admittedly limited, still nothing to scoff at in PvP. Again, dropping the duplicate may give you more options, such as Aux2SiF (great for the damage resist even if you're hull isn't in peril) or EptW or, if you're feeling generous, extend shields.

Just my thoughts as someone who flies a Vor'cha as a heavy escort in STFs and has found it to, perhaps surprisingly, still have sharp teeth against human opponents as well. It's kind of fun tanking fire from multiple targets as you chew through them one by one.