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02-18-2012, 09:56 AM
Originally Posted by DKeith2011
There would have to be at least that many front line vessels. Probably just as many 2nd and 3rd tier reserves pulled out of mothballs for interior security and general business.

Wouldn't be surprised if the total was considerably more than that really.

My question is how to they manage to train all those personnel at one academy?

I would think all the Federation founding worlds (at least) would have full academies with other key systems having lesser academies for the first 2 or so years of the basics before students transfer to one of the main academies.

Think along the same line as colleges. Its not uncommon for students to take basic requirements at a local college before transferring to a larger university for final specialized classes. This would explain why all the shows characters went there, they are the absolute cream of the crop.

Using that analogy, SFA Earth would be a Harvard/Yale etc equivalent. Other founding worlds would be major state colleges, Tennessee State or Oklahoma State for example. This would be where the general rank and file of Star Fleet would be educated. All excellent officers, but not quite as highly qualified as the guys who get into SFA Earth.

Other worlds would be local community colleges for very basic training. Anyone and everyone could start here and move up as they qualify.
In regards to Starfeet Academy, you are misunderstanding what type of school it is. Graduates of SFA are Ensigns. That's the absolutely lowest rank one could possible be and still be an officer. Ensigns are superior in rank to Starfleet cewman. From the movies and series we mostly see officers of Starfleet. But Officers are not the bulk of Starfleet. That would be the crewman. The grunts and non-commisioned officers that do most of the grunt work.

That means that Starfleet Academy is the equivalent to the present day Officer Candidate School (OCS) and 4 year university. You attend an OCS if you want to gain a commission. SFA does teach other courses to make a well rounded officers. And it's nice to see that Starfleet Officers aren't above getting their hands dirty.