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02-18-2012, 10:17 AM
Originally Posted by Katic View Post
With Crews numbering from 1500 (Odyssey) to 35 (Defiant) that's somewhere between 240 Thousand and 10 Million + ships.
you see this is something that always confused me because i remember in a TNG episode where the doctor got stuck in that warp bubble type thing and people started disappearing she said that the enterprise had about 4000 crew i cant remember the exact number she said now.
now why in game do we end up with a Galaxy class that has 1/4th of that crew and then a supposed ship that is bigger with the same lack of crew i would have expected the Odyssey to have about 5000 people aboard

Been reading memory alpha and it is about 1000 crew it is just it has the potential to carry 15000 people should it need to and i suppose when you take into account the families and things of the crew you would come with a much larger number of people on the ship