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# 14 Second Breath Pt. 2
02-18-2012, 12:50 PM
-- Begin Recording

“Captain’s Personal Log: Stardate 89110.1:

It’s Vice Admiral Kim Sharp. I swear it is. I am finally back aboard the Stellar Drift and in my own body. I must say the last few weeks have been the most interesting in my life, and from what my wife and daughter tell me, interesting for everyone else as w.”ll.

“I’m still not your wife yet.” Sevak said matter-of-factly.

She walked into the living area from the bedroom, glancing at Kim who sat on the sofa.

“We might as well be married at this point.”

“But we’re not.”

“It’s my log entry.” Kim glared at Sevak.

“It’s a record going into the ship’s computer. Stop being a secondary school child and tell the truth.”

Sevak turned away from Kim and began to fold laundry.

“Fine. The frustrating woman who lives with me, and my daughter tell me life was interesting for them as well.

The tactic of killing my body, so everyone thinks I am dead, and then transporting my consciousness into a hologram for interrogation has to be one of the most inventive things I have seen Sela do in some time. They asked me all sorts of questions, mostly pertaining to the rebellion out near Alhala. I gave them what little coordinates I could recall, and wish them well against the Klingons.

Unfortunately for my enemies in the Star Empire, their plan was foiled by a group that Starfleet is now referring to as the Subspace Sirens: Five starships, all commanded by women, led by my beloved daughter. They penetrated deep into Romulan space to find me and my killer. After rescuing me, the crazy girls then proceeded into Borg space to try and put me back together. Using Borg nanites to infuse my consciousness back into my body was beyond inventive. Sevak says it was Lieutenant Olio’s idea. I hope Ziri doesn’t mind that I have put her in for a commendation.

They risked everything for me. I can’t express how much I owe each of them, and the crews of their ships.

Then there is Ynala. She is still alive, but not with me any longer. I can’t say where she has gone, just that she is still alive. I owe her as well, but she is the kind of person I will be indebted to for the rest of my life. Having to say goodbye again was difficult. Especially on Vaihuu. As Ynala would say, it’s time. If I see her again, I will have to tell her that longer skirts work better since my legs are kind of on the chunky side.

I’d like to think I remember some of the time when she had possession of my body, but it’s so foggy and jumbled up with memories of being a hologram, and from random moments in our past that I can’t really tell if it’s real or not.

“I rather miss her.”

Kim growled in exasperation and looked at Sevak.

“For one thing, she was far less stubborn, she could sing, she had better fashion sense, and was a far better cook.”

“Well, if you like we can see if Ziri will switch us back.”

Sevak skewed her lips and sat next to Kim. She grabbed more laundry and continue folding. “Lieutenant Olio is on light duty since she is still recovering from her injuries, as are you still on light duty as well. Since I am in command of this ship until Doctor Zoymu says otherwise, I believe it's best we leave her alone. Having you here instead is acceptable.”

"Sevak, can you move down a bit? I don't want my underwear appearing in the video."

"This is not underwear. It's the mini skirt that Ynala bought you the other day."

"I don't want that in the recording either. I don't wear skirts anyway."

"It is not logical for you to be embarrassed about it. The entire senior staff saw you in it, as did the Romulan Ambassador. We all thought it looked agreeable on you."

Sevak turned to Kim who stared at her a moment.

"I might wear it then." The dark haired Vulcan said, holding it up the blue, pleated fabric in front of her face, which also happened to be in plain view of the video recorder. "I'm sure Petty Officer Yara can hem the waist down to fit me."

Kim rested her face in her hand and sighed. She turned away from Sevak and had a small epiphany.

“You know, there’s one thing about all of this that doesn’t make sense.”

“Oh?” The Vulcan security officer asked.

“You were standing next to me when I was shot. If Sela wanted to kill anyone that could be a threat to her seat on the throne, why not also kill you? Theoretically, if I contested her you would become the spouse of a Romulan Empress. A Vulcan with that much power in the Empire I think would be more inflammatory than a human holding the chair itself. Also, how did she know I was at that location at that specific time? It was a little convenient don’t you think?”

Sevak frowned deeply. “I had nothing to do with it.”

“I know you didn’t, but what I am saying is, I think it may have been staged to look like she had something to do with it. The only trouble is I don’t know who might do something like that.”

"I suspect Mati Renet. She always told me when you were at the Academy, you didn't help her fold laundry either."

Kim rolled her eyes. "I'm sure an 80 year old Bolian woman plotted my assassination because I didn't help her fold laundry 40 years ago."

"Not all Bolians are good-spirited. You never know. She may have sat there and dwelled upon it all the years she manned the transporter room at Starbase 14.

"Another thing, if you became Empress of the Star Empire, my presence would be less inflammatory to the Romulans than yours. Since I am not your spouse, I would simply be your Vulcan friend, or that Vulcan woman in the background. You could simply convince them I was a maid or some other servant.”

“Look, it’s not my fault we haven’t seen Earth in six months. It’s also not my fault that you don’t want to budge on the marriage plans. What Vulcan wants to get married in Norway in the middle of winter?”

“I do. Actually, if you hadn’t died, we would have been on Earth last week.”

Kim rolled her eyes. “You do know this thing is still on right?”

Sevak blinked. “Oh.”

--- End recording.