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02-18-2012, 01:07 PM
As a Vor'Cha battlecruiser pilot myself, here is my build to contemplate over:
Ship: Vor'cha Battlecruiser Retrofit the IKS VOID SCREAM
Captain: Tactical
Weapons front:
1x photon torpedo
1x tetryon dual beam bank
2x tetryon dual heavy cannon
Weapons aft:
4x tetryon turret
Engine: Borg assimilated, if i want to go all out speed, omega force engine
Deflector: Borg assimilated
Shield: Honorguard mk11, breen sheild against dominion forces, reman shield for the looks.
Devices: Subspacefield, aux bat, shield bat
Eng consoles: rcs mk11 blue, kinetic armor, 1x energy type armor (changes depending on what i go up against), 1x plasmonic leech.
Sci consoles: field generator, borg assimilated console
Tac consoles: 3x tetryon pulse generator mk 11 blue

Boff skills:
Lt tac: torp spread 1, cannon scatter volley 1
eng tac: beam overload 1
(note, those get switched depending on situation, multitarget for PvE, single target versions for PvP for example)
Comm eng: EPTS1, AUX2ID1, DEM2, AUX2SIF3
LT Com eng: ET 1, AUX2ID1, ETPS3
LT Sci: HE1, TSS2 (Or the other way if i know i need more hull then shield tanking)

DOffs: haven't actully bothered with setting those up, or even getting special ones.

Overall comment, its a very cabable and sturdy ship, but weak against sci attacks and more about sustained dps then flat out burst.