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02-18-2012, 02:36 PM
Originally Posted by ACEMAN97
I have 3 Normal characters and 1 Foundry test char in STO. I can't create another one because I don't have anymore character slots. Can I still create and test Klingon Faction missions with that character even though its a starfleet char? Or am I unable to because the test char is a different faction then that of the mission's intended?
I have two Foundry Toons, one KLink and one Fed. But I have a couple of extra character slots so I'm not sure of the base limit. I believe you have one secured Foundry character slot.

As was suggested before, the best way would just be to delete your test character and create another one on the other faction. You can only test missions properly if your foundry character is of the same faction as that mission. However you can edit the missions with a character of the opposite faction.