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02-18-2012, 04:05 PM
Well, what fun this weeks mess was! Not only did things crash on map transfer and everything went down for a minute or so. The mission... Well... I did like the choice in running around. Some missions are definitely quicker and easier than others. However, there still are a lot of them to be done either way. Give me a hat, a pizza, and call me a delivery boy for Deep Space Pizza 9, and I'm good to go.

Seriously though, the city looks nice but there really isn't much fun to be had in it. The Holodeck simulation int he shuttlebay was nice. The Changling kicked my butt a few times but I eventually scooped him up into a jar, slapped a peanutbutter label on it, and put it through the replicator for waste disposal. The space combat Holo simulation was decent also. The enemies may spawn a little late but turning around to go pew pew isn't so bad. The Dreadnaught ship does need to be bigger. Like, Bortas bigger! The visit to the Phophets throught he Orb mission was nice. Not only was it short, the cutscene was great! Not too long, not too short, and did a good job of representing the IP interpretation.

The rewards for this mission, a piece of craptacular armor or some grenades. Neither is worth what you have to go through to get it.