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02-18-2012, 04:09 PM
Originally Posted by Risingmyst
I have just confirmed that my AV was turned off during all updates, so I have ruled that out as well.
Yeah, we just tried the same thing... Was running fine for a couple hours last night. Funny thing is I was TRYING to get it to crash so I could screen-cap the error and it ironically refused to crash. Managed to get a couple missions done in the process.

But, turned it off, friend logged in this morning, patched to play new featured epi and started getting crashes again. As he stated above, I had him exit the AntiVirus via right-clicking the tray icon for Trend and hitting Exit. Had him force verify, re-load client and it still crashed... So, it would SEEM it's not the Anti-virus. Though I can't guarantee no bits and pieces of AV services weren't still running in background. Vaguely recall from tech support days that sometimes various bits of AV, pop-up blocker, firewall software would continue running in the background even if the tray icon was 'exited.' In those cases, only a safe-mode or selective startup to completely disable them allowed a 'normal' update. Some software can be a real pain in the @$$...

But, *if* it's not the AV, then the next question is "now what?" Guess maybe that's up to Cryptic? Don't know. Certainly seems like some downloaded texture files are getting corrupted and that force verify isn't necessarily 'fixing' them, if so...

I know it runs fine on his other computer (although the video card blows and the graphics are pixelated & terrible by comparison to the new machine) and it runs fine on my laptop. So, it makes me think there's something specific to the new machine (conflicting software, etc.). But it's hard to pin down...

So, what's next, Cryptic? I mean, I guess we could try a selective startup disabling Trend entirely from starting ANY services at startup and then try a force-verify (if that indeed 'fixes' corrupted textures & such). If something like that doesn't work, then what? I mean I can try a check disk, but I really don't expect any issues on a brand new machine. Still, willing to try the basics if only to "rule them out."