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There is no Crafting forum so I humbly place this here in hopes that these suggestions find fertile ground or receptive ears and minds:

Two "modest" suggestions to improve crafting in Star Trek Online:

1) Modular crafting of all colored bonuses on all items:
2) A more coherent IP scientific "technobabble" linkage to crafted items

Explanation of suggestion one (1):

A) I've often and recently heard Captain Gecko (and I've heard you on STOked) speak about modularization of ground "kits." Instead of getting pre fab kits with set and unchangeable items. How much better it would be to have an empty utility belt that you could load up with items of your choosing...This would enable players to play the way they want and open up all sorts of creative min/max "builds" the same way we design our starship builds. This seems to me to be a fine and meritorious suggestion and I hope it sees the light of play quite soon....but why stop there?

Why not make, say, all starship weapons modular as well? A purple Mk XI has three bonuses hard coded into the device Acc CritH CritD Dmg x1 x2 x3 in various combinations. A blue has two and a green has a single bonus.,.but why in the 25th century should these bonues be set in stone like the current kit system architecture? It seems much better and more fun from a crafting point of view to allow the individual player the latitude to fill weapon bonus slots instead of granting bonuses that might not fit into the individual player style of play or tactical philosophy. What if I want a ACCx3 Mk XI phaser beam array or a Dmgx3 Mk XI antiproton beam? Well, currently I can craft neither of these items for any amount of dilithium, though I have seen their like on the very exhorbitant energy credit prices.

From a system design point-of-view you wouldn't actually have to change or re-balance anything...since these bonus factors are in fact already in the would just be allowing players to choose which of the existing bonuses they wanted to apply to their very expensive purchased with blood and dilithium weapons. Such a change with no accompanying change initial dilithium cost would, I think, go a long way to assuaging the resentment of the 60 percent dilithium crafting tax. Why? Because you would be giving us more value by making crafting more this way it makes the dilithium crafting tax more justifiable.

I think that the change, if implemented, should be retroactive to existing "bound" equipment. Just as the imposition of a new skill system forced everyone to reskill every player character, the imposition of modular crafting should give everyone the chance to re-craft their bonuses on at least their ship weapon systems.

The difficulty is that this change touches all colored craftable bonus items. I'm not certain if this requires separate code for each item or perhaps there is some simple global change...regardless, it seems to me to
be a change worth making and one that preserves the best of the existing crafting system.

Explanation of Suggestion Two (2)

A) It seems odd that in an IP as rich in technical technobabble lore as Star Trek is that the crafting component should be so wrong-headed in the way it links crafting components/ingredients with the items being crafted. e.g. every first-year academy scrub KNOWS that phasers produce nadions when fired. Photon torpedoes are loaded with anti-matter warheads....and yet nadions are neither a valid data sample nor a particle trace and antimatter is no where to be seen in the list of ingredients for a photon torpedo launcher. Instead, the inscrutable anyon particle trace is an essential ingredient in both. In fact, it's hard to see how anyons, which can only occur in two-dimensional systems (Flatland), can have anything to do with either.

Similar nomenclature errors crop up all over the crafting landscape, as if crafting ingredients were assigned to crafted items randomly. One is tempted to think that when the crafting system correctly links an ingredient with a crafted item that it is a a lucky coincidence.

Rationalization of the crafting ingredient nomenclature would go a long way toward increasing immersion for long-time Trekkers with a love of science.

Anyway...just my two cents for two suggestions:
Good work on winter wonderland....I can hardly wait to use my skates again....

Please note....I'm certain that others far wiser than I have made similar suggestions and that in all probability these ideas are not original with me. If so, then chalk this up as another vote for modularization and rationalization of crafting.