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02-18-2012, 06:54 PM
Originally Posted by Ootarion
Ah, well the question im trying to get at still stands, Dual Beams and Dual Heavy Cannons are supposed to deal more damage then Beam Arrays even if the Beam Arrays are broadsiding right?
Dual Heavy Cannons, yes.

Dual Beams... depends on your power levels and buffs. Each Dual Beam is only 1.3x the damage of a Beam Array, so at most, you'll be getting 5.2 Beam Arrays worth of damage for 4 Beam Arrays worth of power.

If you can handle the power drain (high power transfer rates via skills and EPS Flow Regulators/Nadion Inversion/EPS Power Transfer), then Beam Broadsides can be viable.

I run with an 8 Beam Broadside in my Cruiser, which obviously does more damage than 4 Dual Beams up front. I know people will tell you that anything more than 5 or 6 Beams is inefficient due to power drain, and that is theoretically correct. However, with high Weapons power and high power transfer rates, an 8 Beam Broadside is quite viable and doesn't suffer much of a loss of DPS due to power drain at all in practice.