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# 1 Star Trek Parental Issues...
02-18-2012, 07:07 PM
I'm sensing some family issues in Star Trek. Let's take a look.

TNG (All characters have lost at least one parent. 7 mothers dead; 6 fathers dead)
Picard: Strained relationship with father; not much info on monther
Riker: Mom dead; Strained relationship with father.
Data: "Father" and "mother" were his creators; both die
Worf: Mother and father are dead
Geordi: Mother dead and father alive; but he was definitely a momma's boy
Troi: Father dead; mother is annoying
Beverly: Both parents dead
Tasha: Both parents dead
Wesley: Father dead

DS9 (4 mothers dead, one left; 2 fathers dead)
Sisko: Mother "dead"; Father is a stout creole cook
Kira: Mother and Father dead
Odo: Parents are evil galactic overlords
O'Brien: Mother dead; father initially disappointed, but later proudest man on Earth.
Jadzia: Lived with both parents growing up
Bashir: Strained relationship with parents
Quark/Rom: Father dead; mother is stubborn
Nog: Mother left; lived with father
Jake: Mother dead; lived with father
Ezri: Father unknown; strained relationship with mother

VOY (3 mothers dead; 4 fathers dead, one left)
Janeway: Father dies after her childhood; mother still alive
Chakotay: Raised by father; little info on mother
Tuvok: No info.
Doctor: Father was his creator
Torres: Father left; mother is Klingon
Kes: Species only lives eight years
Neelix: Raised by parents; both killed during war
Paris: Overbearing father; not much info on mother
Kim: Both parents living
Seven: Parents are assimilated; father presumed dead

ENT (3 fathers dead)
Archer: Father dies; not much info on mother
T'Pol: Father dies; strained relationship with mother
Tripp: Lived with both parents
Mayweather: Lived with both parents; father dies after launch of Enterprise
Hoshi: Has a mother; character was, sadly, poorly underdeveloped
Reed: Lived with father and mother
Phlox: Any definition of family cannot apply to that species

Fortunately, patricide seems to decrease with each new series. Although, fathers still bear the brunt of the deaths. The only exception to that trend was DS9, showing why that series was awesome. :p