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02-19-2012, 12:10 AM
Originally Posted by Grouchy.Otaku
Some anti-virus packages are known for corrupting the download of large files... Also, how old is your hard-disk??? Disk errors is one of the early signs that its getting ready to die....
This comment was on the very first page of this forum link, hence why at the end of the second page, I did not feel it necessary to explain that I have already tried that until everyone seems to get peeved if you dismiss the suggestion while providing other evidence.

Originally Posted by MGmirkin
Again, you missed the point of the post. That seems to be a common thing? Need to work on he critical listening skills...

My point was that you DIDN'T demonstrate "covering all the bases" precisely because you glibly and dismissively waved off the commenter's suggestion of a possible fix (AKA, that an anti-virus product [or pop-up blocker, or fire-wall or anti-spam product] *might* interfere with the normal' download, write or installation of patch file(s)).

Since I had already tried that earlier when the issue first began since earlier on in the posts that was a recommendation, I didnt feel I had to notate that since ususally that is common sense to do. But since everyone has gotten all peeved that I showed everything else but neglected to say, yeah I checked the AV, I went and checked it once more. I wasnt glibly or dismissevly waving off the suggestion because I thought it was dumb, I ignored it since I had already attempted that. The same answer has been repeated several times and I have had to repeat my issue several times each time saying I have already tried that.

Now since we all have verified AV not an issue at this time, ruled out virus infection, ruled out hardware, lets stop quibbleing over this and try to find a solution. Since this issue has occured after the Feb 16th update and no one has yet found an answer to this, I hope that a Dev somewhere will look at all the evidence provided including the screenshots and other information the Devs asked earlier in the post and finally say, oh yeah just try this and poof we can finally play again.