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02-19-2012, 01:25 AM
[b][/B As some of you do'nt really know 1 of the u.s.s enterprise sister ship's which was the u.s.s yorktown n.c.c-1717 and NOW a new ship which has never been to the star's is now in commission well both are U.S.S NIMITZ N.C.C-1718-F THE YORKTOWN N.C.C-1717-E does manuevers sometimes on friday's only but the u.s.s nimitz is a truly amazing powerful ship with 2 polaron beam bank's & 2 quantum launcher's on the fore plus on the aft 2 polaron beam array's & two plasma launcher's.Like the enterprise-f the nimitz can take on the big job's because it has borg technology with superb subtrans-warp engine that takes the ship WARP 20 yeah incrediblly fast.. That is just the half of it the rest is top secret about what the ship can do....