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02-19-2012, 12:43 AM
TOS / Star Trek 2009

Kirk - Father George Kirk deceased (U.S.S. Kelvin) / mother Winona Kirk deceased (died in a fire in Riverside Iowa)

David Kirk/Marcus - Died before parents (Father - James T Kirk Died saving the universe / Mom - Carol Marcus Unknown)

Peter Kirk - James T Kirk nephew - Father George Samuel Kirk & mother Aurelan Kirk both deceased - killed by a parasite

Spock - Mom Amanda Grayson dies of old age or Killed when Vulcan exploded (Take your pick) / father alive

McCoy - Father David McCoy murdered by his son via euthanasia / Mom unknown

Scotty - Parents Unknown

Chekov - father Andrei Chekov (speculation that he died from old age / Mom unknown)

Uhura - Parents unknown

Hikaru Sulu - Parents Unknown

Demora Sulu - Father Hikaru Sulu (alive) / mom unknown