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02-19-2012, 12:43 AM
Well I may have found a work-around but it has to wait until the game is back up. For those of you with 7.1 headsets you might try these steps from here:

1. Right click the sound icon in the right, bottom corner in the system tray. Click "playback devices".
2. Set your integrated soundcard as the default device, by right clicking it and select "set as default device".
3. Next, click the "recording devices" tab at the top. If you can't see "stereo mix", right click anywhere inside the white area. Then click "show deactivated devices". Right click stereo mix and activate it. You might have to restart your computer.
4. Set stereo mix as "default device", then right click it and click "properties". Go to the "Listen" tab at the top.
5. Select "Listen to this device", and choose the G35 Headset.

To test if the sound is playing through your headset, go to "playback", right click your integrated soundcard and click "test".