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02-19-2012, 02:06 AM
If you can, try the following:

This Requires someone with a working copy of STO
1) Copy the working version of STO to a Flash drive or DVD and copy it to the PC having issues.

Does this solve the issue ?

If it does, then it's a connection issue when downloading the game files. (contact your ISP and ask for a line check as you could have a build up of line errors - this manifests itself more with large downloads)

If the Game still doesn't Run / Install or option (1) is out the question ?

2) Run a memory check diagnostic program to see if your memory is healthy

3) Run a CPU diagnostic program to make sure your CPU is working properly

4) Run a HDD diagnostic program to ensure your drive isn't on the way out

5) Run a GFX card diagnostic program to make sure the card isn't on the way out or overheating

Let us know what the results were.

If there's 100 million PC's out there & 1% have a device failure, that's 1million PC's up the duff! Chances of more that 50% of STO users with an unknown PC issue? Higher than you'd imagine!!