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02-19-2012, 01:16 AM
Originally Posted by castogere View Post
Ya see Cryptic seems to go through these lil spurts of trying to rush the hog to the BBQ, hence all the broken sh$t. They did it before, and they are doing it again...where one patch fixes one thing, but breaks 2 more.

There was a time where I was very patient with Cryptic and one of their staunch it just looks like lack of quality assurance on the part of Cryptic, which could be huge in this business as it means the difference between players, and no players. Not trying to be negative, just being subjective.

They can take down the server every night for all I care, but if they have to take 2 steps back just to take a step forward....that's not progress....that's losing ground. Honestly I cannot understand how they have not streamlined their code to the point where this is a non issue. I also cannot understand how come they do not devote enough man hours to testing and bug squashing.

Quality Assurance Cryptic.......that's what its called.......I did that field of work for 13 years....and If I ran across a project like this with so many discrepancies, I'd have red flagged it and shut it down long ago until it's fixed.

You cannot keep doing this and expect positive results guys....Its getting old really quick. And many do not have the patience I do.....especially with so many other F2P games that exist out there right now all vieing for a chunk of your business.

I would rather you take the game off line for 2 weeks to fix what needs to be fixed, then relaunch the game in a better state of being than to continue this madness of on the fly, from the hip patch jobs that do more harm than good.

I love this game, but you guys are killin me here...
Nuff said

i'd rather lose a whole day of STO if it meant u could fix the majority of problems being thrown up on a to regular basis,who's checking this stuff out before u release it live?. Almost a year without any new content and this is the best u can do...