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# 1 Elitist "noobs"
02-19-2012, 02:01 AM
I was reading the STF thread again, and made a comment, and was in effect called elitist for wanting people to have to work their way up to Elite stf access.

I have seen this alot whenever Elite STF's are mentioned you have a bunch of people rush out to say its wrong and elitist to force people to work their way up to a mission/task.

if thats true this whole game and every other MMO is elitist by its very nature, it forces you to work up your level to gain access to more missions and more/better gear, they all force you to learn as you go and prove yourself before you can move on(by earning experience), so by the definition these posters use the game itself by its very design is elitist....

Please let me ask how it would be elitist/elitism to ask that everybody for example win 15 normal STF's or 5 with optional before they could move to elite?

I say EVERYBODY even myself and others who prefer to do elites daily.

how is it wrong to ask that new players learn at least the basics before entering the top tier of pve play the game offers?

I was surprised I didnt have to do anything to do elites, i tried 1 and went "wow, i need to read up more and ask some questions" (got blown to h3ll and back that round....) so I did just that, and after reading and getting a nice person to walk me thru each map once, I was able to contribute every time AND not ruin the round for others by doing something colossally stupid...

many dont seem to catch the clue that they need to treat elite differently then normal and normal differently then a basic borg encouter(they dont read the optionals at all)

please somebody explain to me how its not elitist for these people to demand that they not have to do what other players have had to do to be successful in the game.

please somebody explain to me how its not elitist of these players to insist that others ideas to fix the situation are invalid/wrong and even elitist and evil because it would force everybody to do the same thing(again, i really think if the system was implemented it should be for everybody....not just "noobs")

Please, most of us just want a way to fix the problem thats pretty blatant if you do elite stf's, we dont want to penalize new players, we (enlarge at least) dont want to keep them out of stf's, we just want to find a way to filter at least most of the people who are not ready to do elites yet(and may never be) out, not to punish them, because lets be honest, for most people being a useless lump thats the brunt of angery pm/team chats isnt really fun for normal people(greifers are a dif story....but I really dont think there are many of them in this case, I really think its just people who arent ready for elite and need seasoning before they "run with the big dogs" as it where.

we where all there once, some of us just pick things up and learn faster then others...dosnt mean we cant all get there in the end and have a blast both along the way and when we get there.